psych catch tap man 'Psych': Joey McIntyre! Plus, The Catch, Tap Man and the preying MantisWhat a delightful episode of “Psych.” The case of the week is a rogue vigilante who calls himself The Mantis, going around town and thwarting drug busts of a local cartel. He seems to be a hero and Juliet certainly has some stars in her eyes.

But it all turns out to be a sham – the mild-mannered reporter whose alter-ego is The Mantis is actually taking the drug money from the cartel after he stops them. Naughty, naughty. Naturally, Shawn and Gus … excuse us, The Catch and Tap Man, manage to figure it all out and bring him down.

What we loved:

  • Joey McIntyre as Officer Scott Reynolds. The 10-year-old girl in us squeed every time he was on screen. Please bring him back as a recurring character.
  • We cried with laughter when Gus started tap dancing as Tap Man. Awesome.
  • The comic book opening credits, segues to commercial and the “Batman” TV show fight scene were delightful.
  • And the outtake of Gus and Joey dancing to “Right Stuff”? *dreamy sigh*

This show sure knows how to do theme episodes. Well done, “Psych.”