cheech marin celebrity cook off 'Celebrity Cook Off's' Cheech Marin tries 'to bring art to [his] food'Actor/comedian Cheech Marin is one of eight celebrity chef-testants taking part in Rachael Ray vs. Guy Fieri‘s “Celebrity Cook-Off,” which debuts Sunday night, Jan. 1, at 9 p.m. ET on the Food Network.

Cheech’s Quick Bite, “I always try to bring art to my food – I love to have a lot of colors on the plate.”

Cheech’s Secret Recipe from Mom:

“When I moved away from home, I’d call my mom all the time to ask her how to make her machaca. I could never figure out how long to cook it, and she would always tell me, ‘Until it’s done.’ Now, when my kids call me asking about the recipe, I tell them the same thing.”

Cheech’s Behind-the-Scenes Dish:

“When you have a short challenge – like a 10-minute one – it’s hard to find quickly all the ingredients you need in a huge pantry. So anytime we had a spare moment, I would go in there to locate my staples: parsley, oregano and chiles.”

Cheech before the show, “I would only buy ingredients at the supermarket.”

And now
, “I stop by gourmet markets for different peppers and curries. I love spicy food, and there’s so much to choose from.”