urx unit loader Joseph Gordon Levitt to costar with Scarlett Johansson in his directorial debut
jgl scarlett johansson gi Joseph Gordon Levitt to costar with Scarlett Johansson in his directorial debutJoseph Gordon-Levitt has lined up an impressive costar for his feature film directorial debut: Scarlett Johansson.

Gordon-Levitt tells Deadline that he’ll direct and star in the untitled comedy, which he wrote himself. The actor will play a ladies’ man who tries to become less of a “selfish dick,” he says, and he’ll act alongside Johansson and another female lead that’s yet to be cast.

“I was a child actor for years and quit at 19, went to school a while, and a big part of why I came back was that I ultimately wanted to make movies,” Gordon-Levitt says of his urge to direct. “I spent a year working with Chris Nolan, Rian Johnson, Steven Spielberg, and I did my best to pay attention. I’ve also been making short films for a long time now. I’ve directed a ton of them, and that is a huge part of why I feel comfortable and confident in this.”

Gordon-Levitt runs the website hitRECord, a production company that encourages collaborative filmmaking and other creative endeavors. He’s written scripts for a while now, and has spent three years on this one. 

“This is the first time I finished a feature film I thought was good enough to make into a movie,” he says. “I’ve written others, including one mammothy huge sprawling thing that encompasses my entire point of view of everything since I was 20 years old. [In this one,] I wrote myself a helluva role, one that people wouldn’t necessarily [have] thought of me for.”
Shooting begins April 16.