urx unit loader Katy Perry, Courtney Stodden both go mermaid in ads

perry stodden mermaids 2 fcs ghd Katy Perry, Courtney Stodden both go mermaid in ads
It’s been nearly 30 years since Daryl Hannah rocked the tail fin in the movie “Splash.” But it appears that what’s old is new again as both singer Katy Perry and teen bride Courtney Stodden have decided to go mermaid.
Stodden, who is best known for parading around pumpkin patches in barely there outfits and marrying men three times her age, dressed up as the mythological aquatic creature in a commercial for FreeCreditScore.com. The ad is full of double entendres and other things you would expect from Stodden.
The recently-single Perry donned a much more elegant and bejeweled mermaid outfit as part of an ad campaign for GHD haircare products. Unlike the FreeCreditScore ad, which looks like it was shot with a cell phone camera, Perry’s picture was snapped by famed fashion photographer David LaChapelle.
Here’s Courtney’s ad…

[Update: FreeCreditScore.com has issued the following statement regarding Courtney Stodden, “FreeCreditScore.com did not hire, approve, or compensate Ms. Stodden or her production team for an advertisement or to represent the brand in any fashion. She and a production team were among dozens of creative producers who responded on spec to a posting on Poptent.com, a crowdsourced video production service, where brands and agencies post specific video assignments to generate creative concepts for review and consideration by a brand. Poptent’s participation guidelines specifically state that any and all work product must first be selected, reviewed, and approved by the client brand or agency before it can be commercially shared or distributed. Such review and approval from Poptent.com or FreeCreditScore.com never occurred. Additionally, both Poptent.com and their client FreeCreditScore.com wish to reiterate that neither Courtney Stodden, nor her production team, were selected or funded for any FreeCreditScore.com advertisement, nor was she hired to be a representative of the brand. Poptent and FreeCreditScore.com are working together to rectify this misrepresentation of the FreeCreditScore.com brand.”]