kelly clarkson super bowl bangs Kelly Clarkson's new bangs   yay or nay? Vote nowKelly Clarkson took center stage during the Super Bowl XLVI pre-game, as she belted out a flawless National Anthem (seriously, it was one of our favorite versions ever). But she also had the internet abuzz because of some new bangs she was rocking.

We saw several tweets about the new ‘do, including one laying odds for her bangs to win the Super Bowl and another asking if she was wearing an Elvira wig. Actor David Boreanaz tweeted, “Kelly Clarkson bangs. That’s all I gotta say…most exciting part of this game so far. #Snoozebowl”

The game certainly didn’t end as a Snoozebowl, but it did kind of start that way. Either way, how did you feel about Kelly Clarkson’s bangs? Vote now in our poll.