The social media world met — and surpassed — our exceedingly low expectations following the Grammys as people took to Twitter to a) proudly offer themselves up to Chris Brown for a face punching, b) show their complete ignorance as to who Beatle Paul McCartney is.

Stay in school, kids.

So for Sunday (Feb. 26) night’s Academy Awards, we were all prepared for people to be confused by the geezer hosting. He definitely isn’t Eddie Murphy. On the other hand, he isn’t James Franco either.

Needles to say, we were not disappointed.
billy crystal 2012 tweets Oscars 2012: Who is Billy Crystal? Funny you should askSure, even though it’s his ninth time helming the show, Billy Crystal, 63, hasn’t been around for the past seven years. His last theatrical release (not counting voice work) was 2002’s “Analyze That” and he hasn’t been a “Saturday Night Live” player since 1985. But, seriously, people, take a minute to Google him. Twitter will wait and you might learn something.

After all, even Crystal’s Twitter profile says, “You should know me by now.”