urx unit loader Tim Tebow spoofed in John Legend song 'Extra ordinary Tebow'
john legend tebow espn Tim Tebow spoofed in John Legend song 'Extra ordinary Tebow'It’s no secret that ESPN’s Skip Bayless is a fan of Tim Tebow. In fact, it’s a rare day that the broadcaster doesn’t talk about the Denver Broncos quarterback on the sports network’s program “First Take.” But it turns out that not everyone is a fan of Bayless’s non-stop cooing.

Singer John Legend, a noted sports fan, decided to give Bayless a good-natured ribbing about his man crush during Wednesday’s (Feb. 1) broadcast of the ESPN show. Legend performed an original song “Extra-ordinary Tebow” in which he mocks Bayless for his non-stop Tebow coverage.

The song features lyrics like “They can’t get enough of you/a non-stop honeymoon” and “Maybe we should take it slow/just not on every show/Skip won’t you let it go.” Bayless, needless to say, appears miffed at the suggestion and shakes his head in disapproval.

Here’s the video…