kelly clarkson boyfriend brandon blackstock 2 Kelly Clarkson's boyfriend: Who is Brandon Blackstock?Kelly Clarkson, pop music sensation whose girl power anthems have lit up the charts, may have to start writing love songs – she’s got a boyfriend, her first since she split with Graham Colton in 2006. But just who is the man who has captured Clarkson’s heart?

He is Brandon Blackstock and here are a few things we know about him:

  • He’s the CEO of Starstruck Management Group and one of the stars he reps is Blake Shelton.
  • Brandon is the son of Narvel Blackstock, who manages Kelly. Narvel also happens to be the husband of country superstar Reba McEntire, with whom Kelly has done duets several times.
  • He and Kelly have been exchanging flirtatious tweets for months. Back in December, the two were tweeting back and forth about a pool game and a rose Brandon gave Kelly.
  • The two went to the Super Bowl together back on Feb. 5 (the above picture was tweeted from there) and hung out again for the Grammys.

So, congratulations to Kelly Clarkson! We’re glad she’s found a guy she likes.