urx unit loader M.I.A. starts Twitter fight with Anderson Cooper
M.I.A. took to Twitter last night to directly criticize Anderson Cooper’s 2009 coverage of the war in Sri Lanka (her stance on the Tamil Tiger movement, specifically). Cooper quickly responded — and ultimately put the controversial singer in her place.

It all began when M.I.A. tweeted to her followers about a documentary called “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” on Channel 4 in the UK: “hair this #killingfields 2nite @ 22.55 on Channel4,” she began. “someone should make @andersoncooper watch it / film it and show the world what happens when respected journos get it wrong #killingfields.”

“@andersoncooper called me a terrorist for speaking out , and expressed support for the SLgov when this was happening,” she continued.

The criticism caught Cooper’s attention, and he sent a simple “What are you talking about?” as rebuttal. He then tweeted “@MIAuniverse, you are mistaken. I never called you a terrorist. I don’t even know who you are other than the lady who sang at superbowl.”


The back and forth continued for some time with Cooper even pointing out that “by the way, I defended your finger pointing at the superbowl, so check your facts. I’ve no idea what youre tweeting about.”

Capital New York posted play-by-play screenshots of the entire debate, which concluded with M.I.A. backing down and tweeting “im glad u understand but please watch #killingfields because this is what i was trying to say.” Sounds like the singer realized she was fighting the wrong fight.

“p.s thank you for defending my finger,” she added.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images