urx unit loader Michael Jackson: Robbie Williams interested in his death house?
Robbie Williams.jpgRobbie Williams may be interested in buying the house Michael Jackson died in. According to TMZ, the Take That singer was spotted driving up to the house in a Range Rover. Is he looking to buy another stateside abode?

Apparently, anyone who looks at the house has to pre-qualify, making sure they have enough cash in the old bank account to afford such a place. The house the King of Pop spent his last days in is back on the market for a mere $23.9 million. Wow! And they say the music business won’t make you money anymore.

A London newspaper estimates his 2011 net worth at $149 million. He also owns not only a house in Beverly Hills, but a nearby property that he uses to play soccer on. Oh my! Is anyone else thinking it’s about time we saw more of Williams? Maybe a guest spot on “Glee?”