britney spears home sale Britney Spears home sells for $4.25 millionBritney Spears has finally sold her Beverly Hills-area mansion. The 7500-square-foot home, which Spears purchased in 2007, has been on the market since the fall of 2008, when Spears was originally asking for $7.8 million, according to Hooked on Homes.

Now TMZ is reporting that some guy is willing to give her $4,253,000 for the six bedroom, 6.5 bathroom estate. The house was only listed at this point for $2,995,000, so we aren’t sure exactly why the fellow overbid so much, but maybe he just really wanted to be in Brit-Brit’s old house.

When Spears bought the house five years ago, she paid $6.8 million for it. But we guess $4.25 million is better than nothing.

britney spears home Britney Spears home sells for $4.25 millionbritney spears home 2 Britney Spears home sells for $4.25 million