macys ep4 'Fashion Star': Episode 4 winning looks retail for $24.95 to $395“Fashion Star” is in full swing and in Episode 4, a couple designers made their very first sales of the season.

At Macy’s, Barbara Bates made her first sale – but she sold two items to the department store, a sleeveless, printed, halter shirtdress and a sleeveless hooded halter dress. The hooded dress is retailing for $79.00 and the shirtdress is at $99.00.

H&M continues to be in love with Sarah Parrot’s designs, as she sold a red dress and a white dress to the retail outlet. H&M also bought a long patterned jersey dress by Nikki Poulos. Sarah’s designs are selling for $24.95 (red dress) and $39.95 (white dress), while Nikki’s dress is selling for $34.95.

And at Saks Fifth Avenue, Kara Laricks tailcoat jacket is selling for $395 (and it is a very cool design), while Luciana Scarabello made her first sale with a beaded, orchid-colored dress that is retailing for $225.

Do you have your eye on any of the winning fashions this week?

saks ep4 'Fashion Star': Episode 4 winning looks retail for $24.95 to $395