fashion star macys ep 6 'Fashion Star': Episode 6 winning looks include two $100,000 purchasesIt’s go-outside-the-box week on “Fashion Star,” which featured such fun stuff as Ross designing lingerie and putting his showcase to “Lady Marmalade” and Sarah Parrott (the only designer who has made a sale every week) trying to go for a buyer that is not H&M (which is the only buyer she’s had). Unfortunately for Sarah, she doesn’t get any offers this week.

And she’s not the only one – the buyers were not overly excited by the outside-the-box fashions. But there were a few purchases, including two $100,000 offers.

The winning looks H&M purchased included Nzimiro Oputa‘s chiffon dress in black and purple, going for $29.95, and Ross Bennett‘s lingerie collection in white and pink, retailing for $14.95.

Macy’s placed one of the $100,000 purchases, for Luciana Scarabello‘s cropped jackets. Those are retailing for $99.00. Macy’s also bought Ronnie Escalante‘s swimsuits, which are selling for $89.00.

Not to be outdone, Saks Fifth Avenue also made a $100,00 purchase, for Kara Laricks‘ flowing dresses. Those are retailing for $375 and are only available in black.

Will you be purchasing any of the looks?