lifetime-client-list-ads.jpg“The Client List” premiered Sunday night (April 8) on Lifetime, featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt as Riley Parks, a Texas single mom who gets a job to make ends meet at a local spa, which she is horrified (at first) to discover offers “extras” to a select list of clients.

But because the mortgage is due and Riley doesn’t want to lose her house, she starts providing the extras in order to earn the big bucks – because giving strange men happy endings is always preferable to moving in with one’s mother (even if said mother is Cybill Shepherd).

We tease because we love, though – we found “The Client List” quite enjoyable and will be tuning in next week. Here are some of our favorite lines of the night:

“That’s not on the menu.” – Riley

“I don’t wanna be rude, but the girls that don’t give extras don’t really do very well here.” – “extra” client

“The Lord never intended for women to be on their own.” – Riley’s mother

knows exactly what I do to get big tips and he wants every detail.
Turns him on. After eight hours of foreplay, by the time I get home, I
am so randy, I can barely make it through the door. And by ‘randy,’ I
mean horny.” – Dee Ann

“A man does not go lookin’ elsewhere if he’s gettin’ what he needs at home.” – Riley, to the wife of a client.

What were some of your favorite lines?