Jenna-Talackova-miss-universe-canada.jpgJenna Talackova, the woman who made headlines as a transgender contestant for the Miss Universe Canada pageant who was first disqualified for being transgender and was reinstated after public outcry, had a pretty good showing at the 2012 pageant.

Talackova first advanced to the Top 20, who then all competed in the swimwear competition. Following that portion of the pageant, Talackova advanced to the Top 12 finalists.

The Top 12 got to compete in the evening gown competition, where Jenna really strutted her stuff in a white gown with a plunging back. Unfortunately, when the Top 5 were announced, Talackova was not among them.

However, for a woman who just a few months ago was disqualified, finishing in the Top 12 has to feel pretty good. Congratulations to Ms. Talackova and all the women at the Miss Universe Canada pageant.