urx unit loader Justin Bieber suffers concussion during Paris concert
justin bieber 2012 getty Justin Bieber suffers concussion during Paris concertJustin Bieber has millions of fans, but he may also have one mortal enemy – glass.

For the second time in his young career the pop idol walked into a glass wall, this time during a concert in Paris. It was in between songs that Bieber, while back stage, bumped his noggin pretty bad and ended up with a concussion.

“It really hurt,” Bieber tells TMZ. He explains that he went back to do one last song for the fans, but that’s when things got worse. “After that I went off stage and immediately felt really weak…I passed out for like 15 seconds and I was unresponsive.”

A few years ago, Bieber had a run in with a revolving door. In that case the door won.

Bieber, who says he will be ok, jokes, “I guess me and glass windows don’t really go together.”

Here’s a video of what happened last time around…