urx unit loader 'Smash's' Anjelica Huston on John Steinbeck playing Santa Claus and Marlon Brando's influence
anjelica huston jan 2012 gi 'Smash's' Anjelica Huston on John Steinbeck playing Santa Claus and Marlon Brando's influenceZap2it: You grew up around so many legends, who stands out for you?

Anjelica Huston: I grew up with a lot of interesting people like Carson McCullers and Arthur Miller and a lot of very interesting people who weren’t necessarily Hollywood. There was a Japanese samurai who came over to Ireland (where her father lived in a castle in Ireland), and who, according to my father, was only allowed to cry three times in his life. It was extremely diverse. I met John Steinbeck. He was so kind and funny and sweet and affable and dear. I was 7 or 8 when he played Santa Claus for us. He used to write lovely letters. John Steinbeck used to sign his letters with a pigasus — a pig with wings.
Zap2it: Who influenced you?
Anjelica Huston: Marlon Brando. I was maybe 10 or 11 or 9. My father was about to make “Reflections in a Golden Eye.” I felt, even as a child, he held himself apart. He didn’t necessarily join in. He spoke to me a lot. He was having some worries about the movie and working out whether he wanted to do it. He gave me a tortoiseshell ring, and it was stolen along with a medal Steinbeck gave me along with some things that were my mother’s. They were irreplaceable.
Zap2it: Had you considered following your mom as a ballerina?
Anjelica Huston: Living in Ireland, there was no ballet. I did Irish dancing. I was proclaimed too tall to be a dancer.

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