ahs season2 casting 'American Horror Story' Season 2 casting 'freakish' horror institution charactersWe’ve got some scoop on some guest-starring characters for the second season of “American Horror Story,” fans. The show is currently looking for:

Jed: Male, 18 years old (no minors), Caucasian, thin, wiry, a farmhand. We need a brilliant inventive actor for a great guest lead. Work period: July 20-31.

Clara: 40s to 60s, Latina, extremely extremely thin, freakish. 3-Episode Co-Star.

Pepper: Female, 20 to 40, very charactery (possibly malformed), child-like, small, 4-5 feet tall (but proportionate, we need normal length arms, legs, torso, etc). Actress must be comfortable wearing facial prosthetics. Multi-Episode Co-Star

Sounds like the show is fleshing out its stable of mental hospital characters, since Season 2 is set at a Jessica Lange-run horror institution on the East Coast. We’re getting creeped out just thinking about it. “American Horror Story” returns in the fall of 2012.