brian mcknight youporn song Brian McKnight's YouPorn thank you track: A few more X rated songs and he can put out an EPBrian McKnight is at it again. A little over a month ago, the R&B singer put up a YouTube video of himself singing “If You’re Ready to Learn,” an X-rated “adult mixtape” song. After it went viral (because of course it did), due in large part to YouPorn (a site that should need no explanation and no, we will not link to it), McKnight wrote a follow-up song as a “thank you” to YouPorn, reports TMZ.

And the song is basically a giant advertisement for the porn website. After some very perfunctory dirty lyrics (seriously, was he even trying?), McKnight repeats, “Head on over to YouPorn” like 20 times. That’s some crack songwriting right there.

We’re sure YouPorn is just pleased as punch for the publicity, but frankly, we would’ve expected a higher-quality song from McKnight. You can listen to the song at TMZ – be warned, it is not suitable for work.

So far, McKnight’s Twitter is mum about his Ode to YouPorn.