Shane Meaney is one of your stereotypical male “Big Brother” contestants but don’t let the good looks fool you. He reminded Zap2it a lot of Hayden – charming, pretty smart and a huge threat to win the game.

“My strategy is I’m generally a nice guy and I’m going to go with that mentality … I’m going to adjust my strategy as the game goes on. Obviously if a twist comes, then I’m going to switch it up a bit. I think there’s going to be some point in the game where I do have to become an a******,” Shane laughs.

As one of the best-looking guys in the house, we had to wonder about a possible showmance, which Shane admits he is worried about a little.

“Yes, I am completely single. And the only problem with a showmance is that my mom is watching. [laughs] And America is watching. But that’s why they made blankets, right?” Shane cracks. “That’s probably going to be my biggest downfall – the females in the house.”

So is there anything he won’t do to stay in the game?

“Hook up with a gay guy,” he laughs.

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