urx unit loader Kim Kardashian slams former nanny and leaks hilarious email
kim kardashian midori getty small Kim Kardashian slams former nanny and leaks hilarious emailKim Kardashian‘s former nanny Pam Behan is looking to sell a tell-all book about the Kardashian family — but on Tuesday, Kim gave Behan a taste of her own medicine when she leaked an email regarding the behind-the-scenes negotiations of the book.

“You may have heard about the nanny I had when I was a kid who wrote a
book about her experiences as our family nanny,” Kim writes on her blog. “Well I guess her ‘tell-all’ story isn’t juicy enough. LOL… Please!!!!!”

Kardashian published an email detailing that Behan’s story wasn’t scandalous enough, so she was looking to leak a confidentiality agreement in order to drum up some interest (read: MONEY) for the project. “This is the kind of stuff we have to deal with every day,” writes Kim. “People
looking for scandals and creating nasty stories just to make a name for
themselves. You can’t get away with it. I’m just going to start posting
all the ridiculousness on my blog!”

Check out the email below. Nothing like a ruthless coattail-rider to actually make us feel sorry for the Kardashian crew.