stephan feck diving fail olympics Stephan Feck's complete diving fail at the 2012 Summer OlympicsStephan Feck made quite a splash during the men’s 3m springboard preliminary round of diving Monday (Aug. 6). The German diver’s foot slipped on his take off, he failed to grasp his left leg during his spin in the dive and he ended up landing in the water flat on his back. Ouch.

The splash down wasn’t even considered a completed dive, so Feck received straight zeroes across the board from the judges. The 22-year-old did attempt one more dive, but ended up withdrawing from the competition because he was in too much pain.

Poor guy. He’s lucky he wasn’t seriously injured, but still — how embarrassing. If you’d like to watch the video, head on over to NBC’s official site. They’ve been shutting down illegal uploads of it, so all we’ve got are the still shots.