urx unit loader 'Coma,' 'Frankenstein,' 'Outbreak' and other medical thrillers that will freak you out

frankenstein the satan bug 'Coma,' 'Frankenstein,' 'Outbreak' and other medical thrillers that will freak you out“Frankenstein” (1931): Since it involves a scientist’s (Colin Clive) creation of a synthetic man (Boris Karloff), this most legendary movie version of Mary Shelley’s story has to be considered one of the classic examples of this genre.
“The Satan Bug” (1965): An ex-government agent’s (George Maharis) pursuit of two missing vials of a deadly virus fuels this gripping adaptation of an Alistair MacLean novel.
the andromeda strain coma 'Coma,' 'Frankenstein,' 'Outbreak' and other medical thrillers that will freak you out“The Andromeda Strain” (1971): In giving life (or, in the cases of some characters, death) to Michael Crichton‘s novel, director Robert Wise wisely uses a cast of frequent supporting players — including Arthur Hill, David Wayne and Kate Reid — as scientists fighting a lethal germ from a high-tech underground lab.
“Coma” (1978): Remade this week as an A&E Network miniseries, Robin Cook’s best-seller — first brought to the screen by the aforementioned Crichton — casts Genevieve Bujold as a headstrong Boston doctor determined to find out why relatively healthy patients, including a friend of hers, are ending up in comas.
re animator dead ringers 'Coma,' 'Frankenstein,' 'Outbreak' and other medical thrillers that will freak you out“Re-Animator” (1985): Jeffrey Combs has a cult-favorite role as a sort of modern Dr. Frankenstein in this memorably gruesome adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft tale.
“Dead Ringers” (1988): Jeremy Irons is double trouble as twin gynecologists sharing the same woman.
flatliners malice 'Coma,' 'Frankenstein,' 'Outbreak' and other medical thrillers that will freak you out“Flatliners” (1990): Medical students toy dangerously with near-death experiences in this drama that marked one of Julia Roberts’ earliest starring roles.
“Malice” (1993): Spouses (Nicole Kidman, Bill Pullman) are impacted by a doctor (Alec Baldwin) whose intentions are less than pure in a story co-written by Aaron Sorkin (“The Newsroom”).
outbreak rene russo contagion gwyneth paltrow 'Coma,' 'Frankenstein,' 'Outbreak' and other medical thrillers that will freak you out“Outbreak” (1995): Ex-spouse scientists (Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo) help battle a deadly virus, imported by a monkey from Africa, that forces the quarantine and potential eradication of a California town.
“Contagion” (2011): From the opening sound of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cough, this world-ravaging-virus chiller from director Steven Soderbergh is enough to make you sanitize after every move you make … despite the familiar faces of an all-star cast that also includes Matt Damon, Jude Law and Kate Winslet.