tara reid getty Tara Reid: 'TMZ are liars' over 'drunken mess' video that was 'a set up'Tara Reid is firing back at TMZ over a video they posted of her stumbling into a parked motorcycle and sending both it and herself crashing to the ground, which the site alleges is because Reid was “hammered drunk.”

Reid tweets:

  • “Tmz are liars and they always againt me they pushed us down that’s why we fell why don’t u see how we fell? Its a set up!”
  • “Look how it is edited they only should u after they knocked us down in
    front of our own boat its so wrong and I will defend us this time100%”
  • “That’s why I was covering my face I knew I was getting set up so unfair
    its totally not right and I finally have had it stop picking on me!”

Check out the video on TMZ and judge for yourself — set up or “drunken mess,” as TMZ calls it?