Jessica Biel changing name to Jessica TimberlakeJessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony in southern Italy last Friday (Oct. 19) and now Biel tells People that she’s going the traditional route when it comes to her married name.

“Yes, I’m changing my name,” says Biel. “My professional name will still be the same, but for life, yes, I think it sounds great. I think I really won the jackpot of names.”

Jessica Timberlake does have a nice ring to it — it’s a double dactyl, which Shakespeare was quite fond of.

Biel also tells People she’s excited to start their married life together.

“It’s hard to find that one person in the world. Once you find that person, go for it. That kind of commitment is very special,” says Biel.