holly rowe brent musburger really smokin gi Brent Musburger moves on from Katherine Webb to Holly Rowe?Is Brent Musburger at it again? A week after ESPN apologized for the announcer’s comments about Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb, Musburger may have found a new object of his affection.

While signing off from a college basketball game Monday, the 73-year-old broadcaster mentioned his two broadcast partners, and it sounded like he said, “For Fran Franschilla and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin’ tonight, I want to say so long from Lawrence.”

Perhaps Musburger just wants the world to know how he feels about women. It’s possible he may believe he’s reached the age where he doesn’t need to care about what others think about the things he says. Who needs a filter at age 73? Or maybe, just maybe, that’s not what he said.

According to the LA Times, ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz says the line was actually, “It was really smokin’ tonight,” referring to the game.

Watch the video embedded below and tell us what you think. Is Brent Musburger having a good time talking up the ladies, or was he simply misunderstood?