burger king drops horse meat firms gi Burger King drops horse meat firm in Ireland after scandalAfter horse meat was found in burgers from grocery stores in Ireland, Burger King has announced it’s dropping one of the suppliers responsible for the scandal. According to Reuters, Silvercrest was one of the suppliers whose meat was found to contain horse DNA, which caused quite a stir in Ireland.

Burger King, one of Ireland’s most popular fast-food chains, says the move is, “voluntary and precautionary.” The company says it is currently working to find a new suppliers than can “produce 100 percent pure Irish and British beef” for their stores in the UK.

Ireland’s Food Safety Authority discovered horse DNA in burgers sold in some of the country’s biggest supermarkets, causing the stores to pull all products from the infected brands. One sample tested was shown to be made of 29% horse meat.

ABP Foods, who owns Silvercrest, claims the tainted beef was purchased from third-party suppliers outside of the country.