ryan gosling remember the titans 'Remember the Titans' aka 'Remember Ryan Gosling dancing?'Before he was one of the biggest stars on the planet, Ryan Gosling was just a former Mouseketeer trying to break into acting. One of his early parts was a minor role in “Remember The Titans,” starring Denzel Washington. The film, inspired by real events, tells the story of a black man taking over as coach of a high school football team in the early 1970s amidst racial concerns.

A mere four years later, Gosling became a household name when he starred in “The Notebook,” alongside Rachel McAdams. In 2006 he was nominated for an Academy Award for his work in “Half Nelson,” and gained critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination a year later for “Lars and the Real Girl.” 

Currently Gosling stars in “Gangster Squad,” but let’s take a trip back in time to when he was just dancing his way through “Remember The Titans.” With this fine display of talent, it’s hard to believe he didn’t make it as a Backsreet Boy.