miley cyrus new dog bean Miley Cyrus adopts new dog Bean, a Chihuahua mixMiley Cyrus has added another puppy to her ever-growing brood of four-legged friends. She tweets, “Meet Bean. Bean is a little girl🙂 she is a chihuahua mix of some type🙂 she brought so much sunshine!!!” She got Bean from Spot Rescue Dogs.

Cyrus recently lost her Yorkie Lila when another one of her puppies, Ziggy, got too rough with Lila. Ziggy has since been adopted out to another home. Let’s hope her new baby brings her some comfort.

Little Bean joins Cyrus’ puppies a German Shepherd named Mate, an Alaskan Klee Kai named Floyd, a Rottweiler-Beagle mix named Happy and a black and white rescue pup named Mary Jane.

miley cyrus bean new dog Miley Cyrus adopts new dog Bean, a Chihuahua mix