duncan jones to direct warcraft movie gi 'Warcraft' movie gets 'Source Code' director Duncan JonesThe “World of Warcraft” is coming to life with Legendary Pictures adapting the video game into a live-action movie. “Warcraft” is looking at a 2015 release, and it just got a step closer by hiring a director.

THR reports “Source Code” director, Duncan Jones, will helm the film. Jones, the son of David Bowie, has only one other film to his credit, the critically acclaimed “Moon,” a low-budget sci-fi film about a man nearing the end of his solo mining trip to the moon.

The script, from “Blood Diamond” writer Charles Leavitt, is being kept under wraps, but the “Warcraft” franchise includes an endless supply of possibilities. The game, and its expansion packs, include everything from zombies to spaceships, so there’s really no telling which direction the film’s story will go.