horse meat found in frozen lasagna gi 100% horse meat in lasagna as scandal continues in Ireland and UK

The scandal that would not end took a huge turn Wednesday, as even more horse meat was discovered in beef products in the UK. This time, though, they’re not just finding trace amounts.
The Daily Mail is reporting that a frozen beef lasagna company, Findus, has admitted that they have been selling products containing 100 percent horse meat. That’s right, all horse, no beef. Some samples of their products contained a little less horse, ranging between 60 and 100 percent.
The company also admitted they weren’t sure how long horse meat lasagna has been on shelves, or if it posed a health risk. While the other tainted meats have posed no risk, there is a fear that Findus products contained a drug that is a known health risk to one in 30,000 people.
The Ireland/UK horse meat debacle began when trace amounts, and sometimes a little more, of horse meat were found in beef burgers in Irish supermarkets. A week later, Burger King announced they were dropping the supplier of the horse burgers, as a precautionary measure, from serving their restaurants in Ireland and the UK. A week after that, Burger King came clean, admitting they sold products with trace amounts of horse meat in them.
Now, with 100 percent horse meat being found in lasagna, it begs the question: Where will the tainted meat pop up next?