paul baier rachel 200 dollars to leave facebook $200 to quit Facebook? Not a bad deal for a 14 year old girl!

The world is surely doomed when a parent has to actually pay a child to turn off their Facebook account. That’s exactly what’s happening between a 14-year-old girl and her father. The dad, Paul Baier, has agreed to pay his teen daughter Rachel the sum of $200 dollars to deactivate her Facebook profile.
The weird, little caveat to this story is Rachel only has to close her account for five months. She’s getting 200 bucks to stay off Facebook until the summer. Paul says, on his website, that the agreement was his daughter’s idea, and he fully supports it.
The two even drafted a contract that they both signed, agreeing on the dates the account will be offline, and the two payments to be made to Rachel. She’s even announced what she will be spending the money on, “stuff.” While it’s definitely an interesting idea, it is a very strange and sad turn of events that a parent has to pay their kid to get off the internet for a while.