alyson hannigan seeks restraining order against john hobbs stalker gi Alyson Hannigan gets restraining order against 'unstable' stalker   report

“How I Met Your Mother” star Alyson Hannigan has obtained a restraining order against a man she says has been harassing her online. The man, John Hobbs, has been posting threatening messages directed at Hannigan on Facebook, MySpace, and on her person website, TMZ reports.
In the filing, Hannigan claims Hobbs is “mentally unstable and was recently discharged from a mental hospital.” She also fears he might attempt to rape her, after he posted a message online asking if “any nice girls out there want to get raped.”
Hannigan has also asked for protection from Hobbs for her husband, and two children. A hearing has been set for March 6, at which time a judge will decide if the restraining order should become permanent.