amanda bynes calls jay z ugly face twitter Amanda Bynes calls Jay Z 'ugly face' on Twitter but quickly deletes tweet

Another day, another bit of Amanda Bynes-related weirdness. Bynes seems to be in a downward spiral that could rival Lindsay Lohan’s on the ridiculous level. From piercing her face, to a DUI arrest, to locking herself in the bathroom of a cupcake shop, Amanda just can’t seem to right herself.
One place she should probably avoid for a while is Twitter. In the past she’s gone so far as to ask for President Barack Obama’s help on the site, to get her out of a DUI charge. Surprisingly, the president did not grant her a pardon. Now her Twitter use is turning a bit negative, as she shifts her aim to rapper Jay-Z.
Tweeting a photo of Jay wearing large eyeglasses, Bynes added the caption “Ugly face.” That’s not very nice. It seems Amanda realized that quickly, deleting the tweet. Ironically, she later tweeted, “What you focus on is what you are.” A nice insight from Bynes, perhaps one she should live by.