Charlie Sheen stopped by “The Tonight Show” this week. Host Jay Leno brought up baseball, because Sheen has a little experience playing from the “Major League” movies, and they talked about steroids and how no one got into the Hall of Fame this year from a group that included a lot of known or suspected steroid users.

This led into a discussion about Lance Armstrong and Sheen pulled no punches in saying what he thinks about Lance.

“Kind of a d*****. Wow, I didn’t just say that, did I? That’s based on meeting him,” says Sheen. “I walked up, I said, ‘Hi, I’m Charlie Sheen’ and he goes, ‘That’s nice.’ Oh, sorry to bother you, Captain B****in’. Go get a paper route, dude.”

“If he was a better guy, I think, in his life, he’d be forgiven a lot faster. Kind of like me,” Sheen adds.