mariuana pot cannon mexico drug smuggling mexicali public safety department 'Marijuana cannon' used to smuggle drugs confiscated by Mexican authorities

Those crafty drug smugglers sure do some up with creative ways to get their goods into the country. That doesn’t mean they’ll always be successful, though. Mexican police have confiscated what’s being called a “marijuana cannon,” which shoots packages of pot over the border into the United States, according to the Associated Press.
They discovered the contraption, made of plastic pipe and powered by compressed air from an old car engine, after U.S. officials alerted them they had been finding packages that appeared to have been shot over the border. Back in December, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced that they had seized 30 canisters filled with pot, worth roughly $42,500, NBC News reports.
The marijuana debate continues to be a point of contention in the United States, as many grow more lenient toward the drug. It first gained legal status for medicinal use in California during the 1990s, however the 2012 election marked the first time it was legalized for recreational use, with citizens of both Washington and Colorado voting to legalize and tax the drug.