clue psych 100 episodes 'Psych' Season 7: A 'Clue' episode sneak peek and more“Psych” has released a promo video for its upcoming seventh season, featuring 100 episodes in 100 seconds — which means some new episodes are featured, because “Psych” celebrates its 100th episode in Season 7.

There’s a quick glimpse at the “Clue” episode, which is actually the 100th episode. Star Dule Hill recently told Zap2it that filming that episode was “a wonderful experience” and that it “blows everything out of the water for the season.”


The video also teases an episode we could not identify, with Shawn seemingly hiding behind a cardboard cutout of a chef, and the “found-footage” episode coming up titled “Lassie Jerky.” Trust us, that’s a fun one.

Only one more week, “Psych”-Os!