rihanna chris brown attacked gi Rihanna attacked by angry fan over Chris Brown reconciliation   report

Most everyone, well those who know who she is anyway, are disturbed that Rihanna has gotten back together with Chris Brown, the guy who severely beat her in 2009. However, most people don’t voice their anger over the situation by throwing bottles at people.
However, according to a report from MediaTakeOut.com, some people do. Rihanna was at a club in London Saturday night, celebrating the debut of a new fashion line. As she was leaving the club, a man threw a bottle at her, while yelling something about Brown. This caused Rihanna to stumble, cutting her leg on a metal drain when she hit the ground.
Her bodyguard immediately chased after the bottle thrower, but he hurt his own leg, and the attacker got away. The guard was taken to a hospital for his injury.