ryan reynolds punches out scott speedman justjarred Ryan Reynolds's punch knocks Scott Speedman out? It's just movie magic

Ryan Reynolds has a mean right hook. Don’t believe that? Just ask Scott Speedman how he feels about it. The two actors are in Canada, filming the movie “Queen of the Night.” They got to a particularly physical scene Tuesday, according to Just Jarred, where Ryan had to knock Scott’s lights out.
Ever the professional, that’s exactly what he did. Now, don’t worry too much. It’s a movie punch, so Scott didn’t really take a shot to the face. In fact, after filming the scene, the two were joking around on the set.
“Queen of the Night” revolves around two parents, played by Reynolds and Mireille Enos, as they search for their abducted daughter. Joining the movie’s cast are Rosario Dawson and Bruce Greenwood. It’s currently scheduled to be out sometime in 2014.