terrell owens police called gi Terrell Owens: Cops called when ex NFL star won't leave woman's house

Bad play by former NFL star, Terrell Owens. He had a little run in with Los Angeles police, Friday morning. TMZ reports LAPD officers responded to a call at around 4:30 a.m., from a woman who said there was a man banging on her door, and he had been for three hours.
The man, it turns out, was T.O. The woman claims she made it clear to Owens that he wasn’t welcome, but he wouldn’t leave. She assured the officers that she was not afraid for her safety, she just wanted him to leave. Luckily, T.O. got the message, when relayed by the cops.
Owens last NFL game was with the Cincinatti Bengals, though he was released before the 2011 season. He later signed a one year deal with the Seattle Seahawks for the 2012 season, but was released before the team’s first game.