“Top Gun” is one of those movies that, if it caught you at the right age, it sticks with you forever. It’s the film that launched a generation of pilots, with the United States Navy saying, following its release, applications for naval aviators increased 500 percent. It’s also the movie that catapulted Tom Cruise into the stratosphere as an action star.
Now “Top Gun” is coming to Blu-ray, in 3D no less. The two disc Blu-ray set, which also comes with a 2D copy of the movie, is loaded with special features. You get behind the scenes featurettes, interviews with Tom Cruise, music videos from some of the film’s songs (“Danger Zone,” and “Take My Breath Away” are in, “Playing With The Boys” is not), and a six part documentary titled Danger Zone: The Making of Top Gun.” Sadly, there’s no director’s cut where Goose lives.
Above is a clip from the “Danger Zone” documentary, showing Tom Cruise’s experiences flying in the movie. “Top Gun 3D” releases on Blu-ray February 19.