Fans in attendance at Sunday’s Los Angeles Clippers basketball game got a special treat in the form of what many are calling the “slam dunk of the year.” With the Clippers up over the Detroit Pistons by 19 points, late in the second quarter, point guard Chris Paul threw up an alley-oop pass to center DeAndre Jordan.
Piston player Brandon Knight tried to stop Jordan, but it was no use. The 6’11” Jordan was just too tall, catching the ball in both hands, before bringing it down for a mean one-handed dunk, sending Knight to the floor.
It didn’t take long for the dunk to make the rounds on Twitter. LeBron James tweeted that it was the dunk of the year, in his book. Clippers star Blake Griffin echoed the sentiment, tweeting, “Best dunk I’ve ever seen in person.”
So, now that you’ve seen it, what do you think? Is it the best of the year, or just another slam dunk?