kevin clash resigns Ex Elmo voice Kevin Clash wants underage sex lawsuits thrown out   report

The former voice Elmo is trying to get the underage sex lawsuits filed against him tossed out. Kevin Clash resigned from the show last October, after a second person alleged sexual relations with Clash while they were a minor.
All told, four men came forward claiming they had sexual relations with Clash, while under the age of consent. Three of the accusers filed lawsuits, while the first claims he was paid to recant his story. Now TMZ reports Clash has filed a motion to have all three cases thrown out. The puppeteer says too much time has passed since the alleged abuse happened, and the statute of limitations has expired.
Clash says the crimes he’s accused of committing happened over ten years ago, while the statute of limitations on them is only six years. He is seeking to have the cases dismissed.