fgcu georgetown ncaa tournament upste Florida Gulf Coast upsets Georgetown; Eagles became D 1 team just 6 years agoHarvard had the biggest upset of the 2013 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. For about 21 hours. But now, meet the 15-seed Florida Gulf Coast Eagles. They just knocked off 2-seed Georgetown.

FGCU has only been an institution of higher learning since 1991 and only had a D-1 basketball team for six years. But Friday night (March 22), they pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NCAA tournament history.

It wasn’t a squeaker, either. FGCU came out in the second half and absolutely dominated, leading by as much as 17 at one point. Georgetown mounted a comeback, but the final margin of victory was 10 ponts. It is just the seventh 15-2 upset in the history of the NCAA tournament.

Naturally, an upset of this nature is fodder for some great tweets:

Notable FGCU alums include Woman Banned From The Mall, Guy At The Bank Not Wearing A Shirt, and Wild Bear Everyone Thought Was Ed Asner. — Sir Broosk

Basically Georgetown is losing to the University of Phoenix by 17 — Doug Gottlieb

TOURNEYFACT: Florida Gulf Coast is the only school in the tournament you can enroll at through SkyMall. — Sir Broosk

You think the tourney is crazy now but wait until the University of Phoenix team telecommutes a win over Kansas in ten years. — Denny Mayo

Florida Gulf Coast University seems like the name of a school in a movie that’s too cheap to license a real school’s name. — Bobby Big Wheel

FGCU lists six people under “Notable Alumni” on Wikipedia and one of them is a monster truck driver. Never change, Florida. — Good Bill Hunting

Plus, there was this that happened, which is arguably the best alley-oop we have ever seen:

florida gulf coast gif Florida Gulf Coast upsets Georgetown; Eagles became D 1 team just 6 years agoIt’s Madness, baby!