urx unit loader Is Mary Kate Olsen engaged to Olivier Sarkozy?
mary kate olsen engaged olivier sarkozy gi Is Mary Kate Olsen engaged to Olivier Sarkozy?

It’s time for everyone to feel old. There is a chance that Mary-Kate Olsen — once the portrayer of baby Michelle Tanner on “Full House” — has gotten engaged to Olivier Sarkozy.

But don’t worry too much — even with a gold band on her left ring finger, there’s a good chance that Mary-Kate is still officially single.
Olsen and Sarkozy were spotted in the crowd at a New York Knicks basketball game on Sunday (March 3), happily engaging in some PDA. However, it wasn’t the lovey-dovey canoodling that got everyone’s attention. It was the gold-colored band clearly seen on Mary-Kate’s finger that brings up questions.

There has been no word yet on whether or not this means anything, but this isn’t the first time Olsen has sported rumor-inspiring bling. The Huffington Post reports that a similar incident happened in Paris in January, when Olsen was seen with a ring shortly after a trip to the jewelry store with her beau. In that case, a rep for the young woman confirmed that there was no story.

The relationship between Sarkozy, a 43-year-old French banker (and the half-brother of a former French President), and the 26-year-old Olsen first became public in 2012, when — at another New York Knicks game — the pair were seen expressing open affection.

mary kate olsen olivier sarkozy ring wire image Is Mary Kate Olsen engaged to Olivier Sarkozy?Now a designer, Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, first became famous in the shared role of baby Michelle on the sitcom, “Full House.” Later, the girls co-starred in a series of film and television roles, making them two of the biggest child stars ever.