margaret thatcher iron man 3 gi 'Iron Man 3' premiere delayed by Margaret Thatcher funeral over fear of civil unrest

It turns out Iron Man isn’t nearly as unstoppable as he thought he was. All it takes to hold him down is the “Iron Lady.” Disney is pushing back the U.K. premiere of the highly-anticipated “Iron Man 3,” due to the funeral of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher being scheduled for the same day, April 17, THR reports.
Some media outlets in the U.K. report the funeral may to lead to civil unrest, with anarchists using the internet to call for protests in Trafalgar Square. In order to avoid any potential fallout, the “Iron Man 3” premiere will now take place April 18, ahead of the official release on April 26. Stars Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow are still scheduled to attend the premiere, walking the red carpet.
Since Thatcher’s death on April 8, her legacy has led to debate in the media, pitting those who sided with her conservative leanings against those who oppose them.
Following it’s U.K. debut, “Iron Man 3” is scheduled for a May 3 release in the United States.