urx unit loader Is Ryan Seacrest the latest celebrity swatting victim? Will it keep him from 'American Idol'?

The celebrity swatting train just keeps rolling on. Ryan Seacrest, producer and “American Idol” host, is the awful trend’s latest victim, according to reports.

TMZ.com reported on a swatting-in-progress on Wednesday (April 10) afternoon, saying that police had received a call of shots fired in Seacrest’s Beverly Hills home. It sounds like a 911 call started off the incident by claiming that shots had been fired inside the house by “mobster-looking guys in suits with rifles.”

Because that’s a likely scenario.

Unfortunately, the police have to treat every 911 call like it was the real thing. The result of all of this swatting is simply a waste of manpower for the purpose of harassing a bunch of celebrities.

The big question for today is: Will the swatting incident affect Seacrest’s schedule for the day. The host is expected on-set and ready-to-go at “Idol” by 5pm local time, only a few hours after police were called. Even for a false report like this, you have to imagine there’s a lot of paperwork.

If Seacrest were to be delayed, he wouldn’t be the first “American Idol” person to show up late this season — judge Nicki Minaj missed the beginning of the season’s very first performance show due to a traffic jam.

Swatting has become a big thing in the past weeks. Most recently, Russell Brand, Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake became targets of the epically dumb prank.