justin bieber nakes belieber instagram Justin Bieber posts naked cartoon of himself and Belieber in bed

It’s not quite a selfie, which is what Justin Bieber is usually posting, but it’s pretty close, and a lot more weird. The singer uploaded a cartoon to Instagram Tuesday, featuring himself and a woman who appears to be nude, cuddling in bed. Bieber is labeled “Justin,” while the woman is identified as “Belieber.”
Posting the image of himself and a fan in bed is yet another in a long line of odd moves by Bieber, who has had an interesting 2013 so far. However, his fans don’t seem to mind. Instead, they all took to Twitter and Instagram to comment that they wished to be the Belieber in question. Within 24 hours of being posted, the cartoon has already received over 640 thousand “likes” on the photo-sharing website.
Justin made headlines recently when visiting the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam. While signing the museum’s guest book, Bieber wrote “Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” The singer caught a lot of flack for the comment, which led to the Anne Frank House responding. “His comments were quite innocent,” a spokeswoman says. According to the museum, the important part is Bieber visiting the house, to learn about the history of Frank.