urx unit loader 'The Carrie Diaries,' 'Whitney,' 'Golden Boy': Bubble shows you want to go away
carrie diaries bubble kill 'The Carrie Diaries,' 'Whitney,' 'Golden Boy': Bubble shows you want to go awayAs has been the case with past editions of Bubble Watch, readers of Zap2it would make  pretty ruthless network executives.

For the 2013 edition, you voted to axe 15 of the 24 shows in our on-the-bubble polls — although ABC’s “Body of Proof” almost made it to the “keep” side of the ledger (the keeper list is here), losing out by only 49 votes out of more than 3,500 cast.

The biggest loser in terms of percentage of “kill” votes is, somewhat surprisingly, is “The Carrie Diaries.” We’re not sure if some of that was “Beauty and the Beast” fans voting down a perceived rival for a spot on The CW’s schedule or if readers are genuinely not warming to AnnaSophia Robb and Co., but if you had your way, Monday’s (April 8) season finale would be its last episode.

Also keeping with past bubble polls, voters were pretty emphatic in their choices. Only five of the 15 shows on this list got to 40 percent in the “keep” category.

Here’s the full rundown of shows you’d like to see gone next season:

Stop it. Stop it right now

“The Carrie Diaries”: 6,153 votes. Keep: 1,403 (22.8 percent). Kill: 4,750 (77.2 percent).

“Red Widow”: 2,935 votes. Keep: 677 (23.07 percent). Kill: 2,258 (76.93 percent).

“Whitney”: 1,658 votes. Keep: 388 (23.4 percent). Kill: 1,270 (76.6 percent).

“Guys With Kids”: 1,627 votes. Keep: 431 (26.49 percent). Kill: 1,196 (73.51 percent).

“1600 Penn”: 1,720 votes. Keep: 504 (29.3 percent). Kill: 1,216 (70.7 percent).

“Golden Boy”: 2,487 votes. Keep: 735 (29.55 percent). Kill: 1,752 (70.45 percent).

Nice knowing you

“The Cleveland Show”: 1,159 votes. Keep: 353 (30.46 percent). Kill: 806 (69.54 percent).

“Rules of Engagement”: 2,395 votes. Keep: 799 (33.36 percent). Kill: 1,596 (66.64 percent).

“The Neighbors”: 3,522 votes. Keep: 1,374 (39.01 percent). Kill: 2,148 (60.99 percent).

“The New Normal”: 1,736 votes. Keep: 704 (40.55 percent). Kill: 1,032 (59.45 percent).

(Somewhat) closer calls

“CSI: NY”: 2,756 votes. Keep 1,165 (42.27 percent). Kill: 1,591 (57.73 percent).

“Touch”: 1,278 votes. Keep: 546 (42.72 percent). Kill: 723 (57.28 percent).

“Malibu Country”: 3,294 votes. Keep: 1,420 (43.11 percent). Kill: 1,874 (56.89 percent).

“Vegas”: 2,430 votes. Keep: 1,121 (46.13 percent). Kill: 1,309 (53.87 percent).

The definition of “tossup”

“Body of Proof”: 3,533 votes. Keep: 1,742 (49.31 percent). Kill: 1,791 (50.69 percent).

Thanks to everyone who voted. What do you think of the results?