the good wife season 4 finale 'The Good Wife' Season 4 finale: Do not miss the final frames and 6 other things to look forward toIt’s hard to write a teaser preview for the “Good Wife” Season 4 finale — it’s so, so good and yet saying just about anything is spoiler-y. But trust us, from start to finish, it is an A+ episode and easily our favorite season finale the show has done yet.

Here are some things to look forward to:

  • Martha Plimpton, Denis O’Hare and Ana Gasteyer are all back and involved in a potential vote-tampering case that must be decided the night before the election, for which Zach Florrick (and “Roseanne’s” mom) are key witnesses.
  • Is Plimpton’s Patti Nyholm working with or against Will, Diane and Alicia? Little of column A, little of column B.
  • Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) plays an interesting catalyst for some of the bigger goings-on of the episode. Hope to see more of him in Season 5.
  • During the night’s proceedings, Will and Alicia spend a lot of time together in a confined space, which more than one person seems concerned about.
  • Eli Gold loves horror movies “because they’re awesome.” We could not love Eli more.
  • Remember big Jim Moody (Skipp Sudduth), a bruiser for the Florrick campaign? He’s still not afraid to get his hands dirty.
  • Do not — we repeat DO NOT — miss the final frames. Set your DVR for “The Mentalist” just to make sure. We cannot tell you anything about it, other than the fact that we let out a yelp.

That’s all we can safely dish right now, but buckle up, “Good Wife” fans. The season finale airs Sunday, April 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.